Smart TV System User Study

How can we help Royal Opera House to create an immersive, accessible experience and create the new audience-friendly interpretation to the classical opera for the potential customers ?

In this study, the client, who place a high value on User Experience, is the top-three appliance company in China. Today China appliance industry is faced with the period of transition because of the rise of IoT, our client would like to develop smart TV and so they built a subsidiary brand so as to attract younger customers. Therefore, They invited us to do research as a consultant. In addition to germane user information, we eager to identify the product positioning of the new smart TV beyond the existing brand.


Our team took the flight to Beijing from Taiwan for five days to understand practical user experience of the Smart TV System in China’s market. Our recruitment not only centred on end users who are using smart TV, but potential customers and top sales in the hypermarket. We hope to obtain experience of user interaction, sale model and brand perception, turning it into useful insights. And then, we worked with our clients in ideation workshop to radically reshape the ideas.












My Role / 

I am a trained user experience Researcher, who can plan a complete and solid User-Centred Design process in prestigious experience design consultancy in Taiwan. Also, Psychology background makes me look at things from different angles. In this project, as project manager, I created the project program and my duty is mainly about Screening Questionnaire, Contextual Interview and User Insight Analysis.


Client / 

Royal Opera House


Partners / 

Thanyawan Eamsonthi

Sophia Louisa Grantl


Year / 



Keywords / 

Experience design, Service design, AR technology. 



Project Deliverables / 

Research insights

Prototype design

concept video

business model

system map

stakeholder map





Contextual Interview and Affinity Diagramming


To see what the user is doing or thinking, contextual interview is the best way to know the user’s real demands. By combining observations with interviewing, contextual interview can help research team get further understanding about user’s cognitions, pain points and future expectations in their own environment. We invited our clients to join us in our research process. After interviewing, we embarked on Affinity Diagramming to figure out the existing design problems in smart TV and improve it.



KANO Analysis and Metaphor Elicitation Technique


Catching the impression in the consumers' mind of brand's total personality is our project goal. KANO Analysis mainly aims to identify the touch points between customer and product / service, and then we could explore the key factors of different product features to customer satisfaction. Next, with image as material, we use Metaphor Elicitation Technique to extract the constructs of interviewees.




Research Insights and Highlights

The definition of microplastic
The definition of microplastic
  • From our research, we define our target segmentation: Experience Seeker in the age of 24-34 years old who always up to brand-new and affordable activities, events to enrich their life experience. They displayed the liveliest interest of royal opera house if they feel they have the channel to get basic knowledge about it. Otherwise, the planning and engagement stage of the opera experiences are very intimidating for these newcomers.



  • Lots of untold stories behind the space that needs to be revealed by the audience during the experience. Although ROH already offers the backstage tour and Velvet, Gilt and Glamour Tour to allow people have a chance to discover the rich history behind the building, but it's not strong enough to trigger them to participate in more shows. The background tour experience has the potential to bring people to a more immersive experience and whomp up interest in further opera and ballet performances in ROH.




  • ROH is developing digital experience to help inform future developments in the arts sector since 2013. We see the potential to allow allowed existing and new audiences to enjoy rich media content about ballet and opera by mobile service. It aimed to explore innovative, location–based ways of engaging with the public, increasing revenues through mobile ticketing and giving and was especially interested in broadening reach among its younger audiences and increasing the chance for the re-visit. 







The definition of microplastic
Current ecosystem of microplastics

Design Opportunity

How might mix of ROH’s space
and digital platform can enhance the Pre-visit
experience for 
comers to be
more immersive to create a better
appreciation of the past, present and the
future of the opera? 

Design Solution

Watch the video to understand how does YOUROH work

We propose Your ROH - an experience package that makes opera more accessible for newcomers and brings its history to life. Your ROH involves opera and ballet to people's daily life and creates a new interpretation where the audience can take parts in the story by providing an immersive experience from the beginning to the end. Your ROH aims at creating an alternative way of experiencing the opera and ballet. At the same time, it speculates how opera can be more than an entertainment for a limited group of people - from the elite and high society group of people to a wider one. Also, how it can be a channel for a discussion about what the audience can learn from all the story from different human conditions, which has been told repeatedly from decades ago?



YOUROH will be the package for an experience seeker aged 24-34 years old living in London. They can get access easily to the service on the Royal Opera House's website. The new tap on it provides a quiz where the newcomers can take and get the result what Opera might suit them. It then assists you with how to book the ticket by providing Federick Gye chatbot - the first manager of Royal Opera House who will suggest the newcomer how to get the last minute ticket and how to be prepared - what to dress and how to behave. 


Newcomers can try listening to the Opera and what it means in the lyrics on Spotify to learn more about what it really talks about. They can also eat at the restaurant before the performance starts and learn about the opera they are seeing later in the evening. Once at the theatre, they can use AR - which makes Federick and Adeline Patti come to life - guiding them to the seat. In the interval time, the audience can use this AR to learn more about the history of Royal Opera House, which is hidden everywhere in its architecture.








Concept of YOUROH
The impact of Corallo for the society, economy and environment


These 'First Person' experiences 

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