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Your primary role is to identify team needs through consultation and plan the appropriate research methods to get the answers.

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Autonomous cars are our future, but to drive adoption, manufactures must ensure they are ensure and supported by robust infrastructure. (Copy)Self-driving cars require a combination of AI techniques of many kinds: search and planning to find the most convenient route from A to B, computer vision to identify obstacles, and decision making under uncertainty to cope with the complex and dynamic environment. Each of these must work with almost flawless precision in order to avoid accidents

With the widespread application of mechanical power to vehicles, ships, and even airplanes, we see that the giant wheel called the industrial revolution has further advanced the human dream of freedom in transportation. As technology changes, will autonomous systems redefine the imagination of "freedom" in the next generation and reshape the lifestyle?


To explore the future of autonomous driving, as a product experience strategist and user researcher, I lead engineers, designers, product managers and related core partners to study the mobile space of people in the car after autonomous driving replaces human driving through a UCD perspective. I will add emerging scenarios to define NIO's next-generation product platform. To align on the vision and strategic objectives, especially focusing on the user experience and scenarios of voice interaction and autonomous driving, to establish a brand new product and technology platform and the strategic vision of the brand for next 3 to 5 years; define experience principle and Must-win experience to elaborate clear product strategy and experience objectives.


The biggest challenge encountered in this research project is that there are no mature self-driving cars on the market for end-user, so there are certain restrictions to expect end-users envision the future demand for autonomous driving So through different hybrid research methods: contextual interviews, laboratory prototype testing to define the unspoken need.




為了探討自動駕駛的未來,身為產品體驗戰略師及用戶研究員,我帶領工程師、設計師、產品經理及相關核心夥伴一起透過UCD視角來研究自動駕駛取代人類駕駛之後,人們在車內的移動空間會增加的新興場景,用於定義NIO新一代的產品平台. To align on the vision and strategic objectives

,尤其側重於語音交互及自動駕駛的用戶體驗及場景,in order to establish brand new product and technology platform and the strategic vision of the brand for next 3 to 5 years; define experience principle and Must-win experience to elaborate clear product strategy and experience objectives. 



在其中遇到的最大挑戰是目前市面上並沒有成熟進入市場的自動駕駛汽車,所以當我們去期待End-user去遙想對於未來自動駕駛發生後的需求是有一定的限制的。因此透過不同混合式研究方法:脈絡式訪談、實驗室的experience prototype testing來define the 挖掘unspoken need。






Design Process

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Research Insights and Highlights

Watch the video to understand the research insights of microplastics issue
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  • build up around leading E-propulsion, excellent mechanism architecture, ADAS L2 & digital cockpit experience. Thus, we will focus on optimize the product portfolio & software-focus experiences upgrade to ensure a long term comprehensive competitiveness.


  • In order to understand the real need of end-users for vehicle experience, I cooperated with marketing team to interview 12 NiO ES8/ ES6 owners. According to the interview content, the behavioural variables in the process of using vehibcle experience are extracted and classified. 







The definition of microplastic
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Current ecosystem of microplastics

Design Opportunity


How might we build up a centralised platform to integrate segmented feedback channels to acquire inspirations effectively  for experience manager?



NOUN [mass noun]

Tiny bits of plastic measuring 0.1μm - 5mm

Design Solution

Watch the video to understand how does Corallo work

We want to build a community where experience managers could communicate with all Nioers for inspiration gathering, thoughts exchange and collaboration.It is an idea incubator for Ems and engaging with non-EMs that generates inspiration into ideation. Working with multi-disciplinary teams to produce exceptional UX piece


is an idea incubator for EMs
and engaging with non-EMs that generates inspiration into ideation from centralized inputs through guiding approaches to achieve experience that exceeds expectations.

Humans move into a supervisory role, keeping an eye on what’s going on while machines take care of the driving. Since transportation is such a crucial element in our daily life, it is likely that there are also some implications that we haven't even thought about yet





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System map of Corallo

What kind of social impact bring in this topic?



Corallo believes the sustainable system service can scale the business potential. Also, from the research, we pointed out that if we return 10% of the microplastics from the wastewater treatment plant in Europe and North America, it contributes 26.8 million pounds of microplastics to fashion industry every year. It makes the micro-movements have macro-impacts for the whole environment. 



Re-shaping the plastic recycling system and trying to creating business value for sustainable service design. Corallo fully closes the loop of the circular recycling system for the fashion industry and public sector. There are plenty of reports and evidence show the fashion brand like H&M, Adidas, Patagonia and G-Star RAW already start to recycle plastic waste as a new material for their products. For example, the H&M Conscious Exclusive has partnered with The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel to develop technologies to recycle clothes made from textile blends into new clothes. It strongly proves that Corallo is an on-trend, ethical system service.



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The impact of Corallo for the society, economy and environment
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Explore the idea pool in Flash


Worked with the hub of innovation and their knowledge transfer team aka. IdeaSquare in CERN to apply design and more specifically service design techniques to create new propositions really is the exciting task for me. However, since we need to obtain the scientific knowledge from the talented scientists in the such a short time. We were thinking how to transfer the " engineering language" to "service design language" to work with these world-class elites, and anticipate all the design possibilities that are implemented in society. We conducted separate expert interviews in CERN in two days and collected the findings afterwards when we back to London. The experts were friendly and all willing to talk to us at that time, but they were not familiar with Service Design methods and always curious about what they can do to engage and contribute to the project. My takeaway for this project is: in terms of the research phase, I will organise a participatory design focus group workshop to invite experts. I think there are two benefits of the method: 


1.  The form of focus group encourages people to exchange their own professional knowledge with others. Therefore, as a researcher in the design project, we can obtain the technical knowledge in the short time. Also, we can import the basic knowledge of Service Design and related methods to them, let them know how to cooperate during the project.


2. Organising a focus group, participator can discuss the issue together and we can get the various opinions from different fields. It helps the research can be more comprehensive to inspire the world's most innovative companies and interested governments and the third sector to exploit groundbreaking technologies.